Photo of Jean Michel

Jean Michel

Executive Vice-President
Depositors and Total Portfolio

Jean Michel has held the position of Executive Vice-President, Depositors and Total Portfolio since March 2016. He is responsible for managing the relationship with the depositors (CDPQ clients), and developing a more extensive advisory service offering. He also oversees the asset allocation and overall portfolio building activities, cross-sector research and analysis, in addition to the teams in charge of strategic planning. He is involved in overseeing the investment strategies, in collaboration with the Chief Investment Officer and the Chief Risk Officer. He serves on the Executive Committee and the Investment-Risk Committee.

With a Master of Finance and a Bachelor of Actuarial Science, Mr. Michel has deep expertise in managing pension funds and a solid investment track record. He was President, Air Canada Pension Investments from 2009 to 2016 where he developed the investment strategy and oversaw all investment activities of Air Canada’s pension plans. Under his leadership, the pension funds generated a return and value-added among the best in Canada. The plans’ financial health was also solidified to ensure long-term sustainability.

Between 1997 and 2009, he was at the consulting firm Mercer, where he held various positions in pension fund management, investment policies, risk management, business growth and profitability, among others. In particular, he was team leader for Eastern Canada and head of strategic investment research. He taught risk and investment analysis at Université Laval between 1995 and 1996, and later worked as an actuarial services and investment consultant for Aon Martineau-Provencher.


Mr. Michel sits on the Investment Committee of Université de Montréal.