We believe that sound governance reflects the solidity and durability of our portfolio companies. This is why we encourage them to adopt robust risk management practices and an organizational culture that is based on collaboration and sharing best practices.

2020 Highlights


Total ESG analyses conducted by our teams


Discussions on ESG factors held with 112 portfolio companies


Proposals voted on at 5,566 shareholder meetings

For more details on our actions on governance, read our 2020 Stewardship Investing Report. 

Our approach

ESG analysis

ESG matters are directly linked to an organization’s performance. As such, we take them into account throughout the investment process, from analysis to final decision, as well as in post-investment management.

ESG analyses prepared by our teams are a fundamental component of our investment strategy.

Before making a transaction, we conduct a detailed analysis of the various aspects of a company, such as its:

  • Strategy and culture 
  • Current and past performance
  • Stability and growth potential
  • Teams’ know-how

Exercise our voting rights

As a shareholder, our voting rights are a preferred tool for expressing our positions as a long-term investor. We exercise those rights at the annual general meetings of our portfolio companies to: 

  • Convey our expectations
  • Share our convictions on key issues

Policy – Principles Governing the Exercise of Voting Rights of Public Companies

See the results of our votes

Our objective

We leverage our expertise to improve the governance practices, transparency and organizational robustness of our portfolio companies. 


We pay particular attention to the efforts that companies undertake to deal with cybersecurity issues and closely monitor their resilience to this threat. 

Because cybersecurity can significantly impact their activities, we prioritize our approach to this issue with the companies.

Our teams continuously assess this risk by taking into account several factors, including:

  • Governance
  • Resources available
  • Processes in place
  • Technology related to cybersecurity

International taxation

We believe that the abusive use of low-tax countries is a major issue for society. 

In 2020, we updated our commitment on international taxation to reflect the evolution of best practices. 

This is why we work to clarify and improve the tax practices of companies and institutional investors around the world through our:

  • Opposition to any form of tax evasion
  • Support for the fight against the aggressive use of tax regulations 

Read our international taxation commitment

Our global leadership