Photo of Stéphanie Desrosiers

Stéphanie Desrosiers

Managing Director, Strategy and Execution

Stéphanie Desrosiers is Managing Director, Strategy and Execution. In this role, she works on the international private equity investment strategy, as well as being involved in the management and analysis of the International Private Equity portfolio. She sits on the International Private Equity investment committee.

Having joined CDPQ in 1999, she previously oversaw the activities of the Investment Policy Research team, whose role is to recommend successful strategic asset allocation while considering risk tolerance, liability requirements and limitations specific to each of CDPQ’s clients. 

Ms. Desrosiers holds a bachelor and a master’s degree in finance from Université de Sherbrooke. She also holds the CFA and FRM designations. She has published a number of research articles in professional and scientific finance publications focused mainly on portfolio management and global stock markets.