Photo of Rana Ghorayeb

Rana Ghorayeb

Senior Vice-President
Investment, Infrastructure

Rana Ghorayeb heads CDPQ’s infrastructure investments. In her role, she is responsible for deploying capital in this asset class, and overseeing the Acquisition and Asset Management teams. She has close to 20 years of global investment experience. Before joining CDPQ, she held the position of President at Aquilae Capital in Montréal. Previously, she was Vice-President at J.P. ​​​​​​ Morgan Asset Management in London and an Associate at TIAA-CREF in New York, and at TEQ and Tridome Construction in Montréal. Rana has a Master of Science in Finance from New York University and she earned a Master of Engineering in Construction Management and a Bachelor of Arts in Urban Planning, both from Concordia University. She is a member of the Board of Governors of Concordia University, as well as a member of Concordia’s Engineering and Computer Science Advisory Board. In July 2017, she was appointed President of the Sustainable Infrastructure Foundation (SIF) Council.