Our approach: Aligning performance and progress

Aligning performance and progress

We invest with a long-term perspective, motivated to build enterprises that drive performance and progress. We believe that capital is most valuable when it creates positive change.

Investing constructive capital

Investing constructive capital

Constructive capital is an investment that makes a difference. 

That moves the needle for our partners and portfolio companies in a meaningful way.

And helps them develop and grow economies while delivering long-term returns. 

Our five investment priorities

Deliver optimal performance for our clients

We benefit from diversified sources of return, creating value through post-investment management and in-depth risk assessment. 

Our performance

Contribute to Québec’s economy

We leverage our advantages in Québec to generate returns while helping build a dynamic, competitive and sustainable economy.

Strengthen our presence around the world

We promote an integrated approach across regions and partner with the best.

Invest sustainably

We invest in assets that support the transition toward a low-carbon economy while affirming our leadership on ESG matters.

Sustainable investing

Capitalize on technology trends

We create value by focusing on accelerating major trends such as digitizing the economy.

Risk management

We seek an optimal risk-return balance and apply the highest standards in governance, oversight and risk monitoring.

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