Fixed Income

CDPQ has extensive experience managing bond portfolios, with more than 20 years in direct corporate credit.

Our Fixed Income teams invest in a variety of debt securities and derivatives, which are diversified across different investment horizons. They leverage broad knowledge and expertise to generate long-term value.


Key figures

Our core areas

Our investment activities are grouped together
into four main areas
  • Sovereign Credit
    • Developed and growth markets
  • Real Estate Debt
    • Commercial mortgages (managed by our subsidiary Otéra Capital)
  • Corporate Credit
    • Private and public companies
  • Specialty Finance
    • Financing and investments in tangible and intangible assets
Our objective
Our objective

We aim to generate a stable current yield over the long term. In addition to reducing the overall risk level of CDPQ’s portfolio, our fixed income investments enable our clients’ assets and long-term commitments to be better balanced. They also constitute a substantial source of liquidity.

Our investment approach

  • Target a long-term investment horizon
  • Provide complete solutions by focusing on our agility and our resources
  • Propose financing adapted to the needs of our partners
  • Establish partnerships at the global level

What we look for

  • A shared vision
    We establish partnerships with asset managers, peers and financial institutions.
  • High-potential opportunities
    We emphasize acquisitions through borrowing, development capital and asset financing.
  • Stability
    We target assets that provide a stable yield over the medium and long terms.

Management team

Selected financing