Sustainable Investing

At CDPQ, we invest constructive capital knowing that performance and progress go hand in hand. By directing capital toward a greener and more equitable transition, we can generate growth while contributing to a more sustainable world.

2021 Sustainable Investing Report

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2021 Sustainable Investing Report


2021 Key figures


Decrease in our portfolio’s carbon intensity since 2017


Share of women on our Executive Committee


Total technology risk analyses conducted by our teams

Our ESG priorities

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Our investment strategy to address climate change aims to contribute to the transition toward a low-carbon economy and achieve a net‑zero portfolio by 2050.

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We steadfastly promote equity, diversity and inclusion and we fight against abusive tax planning in order to build stronger communities.

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We encourage a sound governance structure as it facilitates decision-making and promotes the interests of both the company and its stakeholders.

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Our approach

We support portfolio companies in creating lasting value by focusing on profitable long-term business opportunities.

Our 6 stewardship investing levers of influence

Our 6 stewardship investing levers of influence


  1. Strategic projects
    Deployment of strategies, policies and initiatives to affirm our ambition in sustainable investing
  2. Leadership
    Outreach initiatives in Québec and abroad as well as involvement in collaborative platforms alongside our peers and the financial ecosystem
  3. Guidance
    Advisory role for our teams regarding sustainable investing opportunities and for our nominee directors and operating partners to enhance their understanding of ESG issues
  4. ESG integration
    Assessment of ESG performance integrated into the investment analysis and decision-making process
  5. Advice and engagement
    Ongoing dialogue with our portfolio companies and external managers to promote ESG best practices and value creation
  6. Shareholder vote
    Exercise our right to vote as a shareholder in line with our sustainable investing convictions and priorities


Our most recent commitments

Statement by the Quebec Financial Centre for a Sustainable Finance

  • Signed in October 2021
  • Invites stakeholders in the Quebec financial sector to adopt ambitious measures to position Québec as a centre of excellence and innovation in sustainable finance in North America

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Canadian Investor Statement on Climate Change

  • Signed in September 2021
  • Calls on investors to take actions to support the transition to a net-zero economy

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Say on Climate 

  • Joined the initiative in May 2021
  • Aims to encourage shareholders to vote on action plans to address climate change

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Sustainable development

In 2021, we published our Sustainable Development Plan with three strategic orientations and 10 commitments to carry out over the year to generate positive and durable social and environmental impacts.