Investment Funds and External Management

To create long-term value, it takes the right partners. That’s why we work with high-quality fund and asset managers that expand CDPQ’s pool of investments. 

Our team invests in private investment, private credit and venture capital funds with a presence in Québec and around the world. Through external managers, it also invests in equity and bond markets, as well as hedge funds.

Our objective

We aim to generate value through carefully selecting external partners who share our investment philosophy and propose innovative strategies to complement our own. 

Through the synergies that develop and our agility, we draw on the expertise and quality opportunities to maximize the risk-return profile of our portfolios.

Our approach

  • A 360° view of the market
    We manage all our external investment activities centrally in order to have a complete view of market players and trends.
  • Focus on portfolio construction
    When selecting and managing external partners, we employ a strategy that meets the needs of our specialized portfolios in terms of portfolio construction.
  • Expertise on the ground
    We have over 40 years of experience in investment funds and external management, with teams present in Québec and internationally, including in Asia Pacific.

Our core activities


Private Markets, Québec

Targeted funds

  • Private equity in Québec 


Private Markets, Private Equity and Credit

Targeted funds 

  • International private equity
  • Capital solutions 
  • Corporate credit
  • Real estate debt
  • Infrastructure financing


Venture Capital

Targeted funds 

  • Venture capital in Québec and abroad


International Public Markets

External managers  

  • Equity markets in developed and growth markets 
  • Sovereign credit
  • Hedge funds