Equity Markets

CDPQ is a leading shareholder in Canadian and global markets. Our teams invest in shares of public companies traded on the world’s largest exchanges.

We seek to build a robust portfolio based on an absolute-return, long-term approach. To do so, we rely on in-depth, proprietary research to better understand the strategic and operational environments of each of our investments.

Equity Markets portfolio

$117.9 B

Net assets as at December 31, 2020


Of CDPQ’s total portfolio


Years average holding period of actively managed shares

Our exposure

Equity Markets

By geography


Equity Markets

By sector


Our objective

We target a long-term, risk-adjusted return higher than that of the markets, given our absolute-return management approach. We seek to maximize our comparative advantages as a strategic investor by focusing on the fundamental value-creation aspects of companies.

Our investment approach

  • Build a resilient portfolio with a long-term view
  • Focus on absolute-return management and on the intrinsic value of companies, irrespective of changes in or composition of traditional indexes
  • Target companies with high, stable profitability, that use leverage prudently
  • Favour a quality-based investment approach while leaving room for complementary value opportunities
  • As a committed partner, contribute actively to the growth of companies in the portfolio

Management team

Investment Funds and External Management

To maximize our portfolio’s risk-return profile, we also invest in international stock markets through rigorously selected external managers.

These activities are conducted in collaboration with our Investment Funds and External Management team.

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