With social issues at the forefront of our concerns, we are resolved to help create stronger communities for the benefit of the greatest number of people.

We strive daily to create an inclusive work environment to promote the development of our team members and we encourage our portfolio companies and external managers to do the same. We are also committed to promoting fair taxation practices to maintain the financial balance of public institutions.

2022 Highlights


Share of women on our Executive Committee


Share of women in investment positions at CDPQ


Share of our employees in Québec who identify as a member of one of the following groups: visible minority, ethnic minority or Indigenous peoples


Notices issued on tax practices in pre‑investment

For more details on our social priorities, read our 2022 Sustainable Investing Report.

Our conviction

An ecosystem that supports diversity in all its forms encourages the emergence of a higher-performing economy that is both fairer and more inclusive.

“Diversity of gender, as well as of experience, personality and opinion, is a truly valuable resource that makes our organizations stronger. I believe that encouraging women to pursue their ambitions remains a key to success.” 

Kim Thomassin, Executive Vice-President and Head of Québec 

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Countering abusive tax planning

CDPQ is opposed to any form of tax evasion. We believe that we need to establish optimal conditions for promoting fair taxation in support of strong communities.

Like the OECD, we believe that the country where the company is incorporated is not an end in itself to determine the existence of an aggressive tax planning. This is why we analyze each investment opportunity paying special attention to the consolidated tax rate applicable and for which the rate of 15% constitutes one of the reference points.

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Our key initiatives


Les Cheffes de file

This initiative aims to accelerate the growth of companies owned by women through active support and membership in a community of practice gathering over 100 women entrepreneurs from 13 regions of Québec.

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Investor Leadership Network

This group, of which we are a founding member and coleader, includes leading investors focused on issues related to sustainability and long-term growth. Increasing diversity in investing and finance is one of its priorities.

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Key partners in Québec and around the world