Total Portfolio

Our total portfolio includes high-quality assets of all classes. It reflects our strategy to create long-term value, irrespective of market volatility.

Each asset class has a specific risk-return profile and brings together various portfolios and specialized mandates. These are made up of liquid and less-liquid securities and are primarily managed, in-house, using an integrated approach.

Key figures

$434.2 B

Net assets as at December 31, 2023

Nearly 70

Countries in which we invest 

Nearly 60

Years of investing

Our asset classes

Net Assets by Portfolio and Mandate


CAD  194.2 B


Fixed Income

CAD  135.0 B


Real Assets

CAD  105.4 B


Global diversification

Our investments are strategically distributed worldwide and target specific markets, identified for their potential. This geographical diversification enables us to capitalize on the growth of dynamic economies and to mitigate the risk of our total portfolio.

Geographic Exposure


Our strategic partners

We establish partnerships with well-established financial institutions, high-performing investment funds, and high-level operators in numerous countries. Our partners generally have areas of expertise that complement our own, and share our vision, interests and values.

Our comparative advantages

  • Patience
    We do not predetermine holding periods. We know how to support the growth of companies and renew our commitments over the long term.
  • Flexibility
    We carry out a wide range of transactions, with various capital structures. Our flexibility, in terms of governance, monitoring and exit options, sets us apart from other investors.
  • Global presence and teams on the ground
    We are present in 9 countries and we have investments in nearly 70 countries.
  • Collaborative approach
    Our value added starts with our complete line of financial solutions. In addition to that, we bring a broad global network and a commitment to share our expertise and our resources.