Board of Directors

Our Board of Directors can comprise up to 15 members, two thirds of which must be independent. Every Board member fits an expertise and experience profile that was established by the Board to ensure that they are able to properly fulfil their role. The Chairman of the Board and the President and Chief Executive Officer are two separate positions.

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Audit Committee

Ensures that the financial statements accurately reflect CDPQ’s financial position, by seeing that internal control mechanisms and a risk management process are in place.


  • Alain Côté (Committee Chair)
  • Jean-François Blais
  • Gilles Godbout
  • Wendy Murdock

Human Resources

Reviews human resources management guidelines and strategies, particularly performance evaluation, succession planning, executive compensation and general practices in human resources.


  • Ivana Bonnet-Zivcevic (Committee Chair)
  • Olga Farman
  • Lynn Jeanniot
  • Jean St-Gelais

Investment and Risk Management Committee

Ensures that risk management oversight policies are put in place to achieve an optimal risk-return ratio.


  • Jean-François Blais (Committee Chair)
  • Nelson Gentiletti
  • Maria S. Jelescu Dreyfus 
  • Alain Côté (Guest Member, Chair of the Audit Committee)

Governance and Ethics Committee

Ensures that CDPQ upholds the highest standards of governance and ethics.


  • Wendy Murdock (Committee Chair)
  • Gilles Godbout
  • Jean St-Gelais