Photo of Pierre Beaulieu

Pierre Beaulieu

Executive Vice-President, Digital Technology


Pierre Beaulieu was appointed Executive Vice-President, Digital Technology, in November 2022. He is responsible for supporting CDPQ’s digital evolution by leveraging his solid understanding of the digital environment and the organization’s needs. He sits on the Executive Committee.

Mr. Beaulieu joined CDPQ in August 2021 as Vice-President, Platforms, Operations and Cybersecurity, and was responsible for enhancing CDPQ’s cybersecurity posture, accelerating the adoption of cloud-based services and implementing infrastructure underlying its digital transformation. He has over 35 years of experience in technology in the financial sector, having worked at the Montréal Exchange, the National Bank, Desjardins, Disnat, PSP Investments and Industrial Alliance. 


Mr. Beaulieu has been involved in various initiatives focused on sports, youth and leisure activities, including organizing charity events to support organizations such as Fondation Hélène-Sentenne, Centre de Bénévolat de la Rive-Sud and Maison des Jeunes L’Antidote de Candiac.