Article CDPQ and the Nordic countries

ESG, strong economies and stability make Nordic countries attractive to CDPQ

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David Morley, Managing Director and Head of Europe, CDPQ Global, spoke with Denmark’s AMWatch about the many similarities between Québec and the Nordic countries – and their respective investment environments. He also noted that the Nordic’s emphasis on ESG principles aligns with CDPQ’s commitment to sustainability. 

The region’s long-term investment outlook and interest in projects that will help accelerate the transition to a low-carbon economy make it an attractive destination for CDPQ, explained Mr. Morley.

Roberto Perez
David Morley,
Managing Director and Head of Europe, CDPQ Global
“ESG is deeply rooted in everything that CDPQ does. It’s in our DNA. We have been at the forefront of the issue with our peers and leading the conversation around how investors should act and behave in relation to environmental matters,” says Mr. Morley.

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