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Leveraging infrastructure investment to meet net-zero goals

Sustainable Investing Montréal,

Emmanuel Jaclot, Executive Vice-President and Head of Infrastructure for CDPQ, recently discussed with GII’s Voices Magazine how investors can develop sustainable-infrastructure solutions to address climate change risks.

In November 2021, 120 world leaders representing 197 states converged in Glasgow for the COP26 UN Climate Change Conference. There, they discussed the next decade of climate action and support needed to meet the 1.5° objectives of the Paris Agreement. For hard-to-abate industries, such as construction, reaching net-zero carbon emissions won’t be easy. Strategic changes are required to prioritize projects and deploy capital as needed; developing policies and incentives around new technologies and innovations can help.

To learn more about the roles investors play in these developments, McKinsey’s Tony Hansen spoke with Emmanuel Jaclot, executive vice president and head of infrastructure for Caisse de dépôt et placement du Québec (CDPQ).

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