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New economic norm?

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High inflation, rising interest rates, war in Ukraine, tensions between the United States and China running high...since the beginning of the year, the economy has undergone significant upheaval. Is this a temporary situation or a “new economic norm?”

In this third video, Martin Coiteux explores this label and invites us to take a step back to better understand the conditions we are weathering. Three figures to remember: 30, 20, 10. He believes the last 30 years have been characterized by the economy’s globalization, by 20 years of weak inflation and by 10 years of structurally accommodating monetary policy. He wonders if that is a bygone era and explains how CDPQ is adapting its strategy to the current context.

Video clip 3 – new economic norm?

Economic Outlook with Martin Coiteux, Head of Economic Analysis and Global Strategy.

Video only available in French.

The Economic Outlook series is an exploration of topical economic issues and how they impact markets and investors.