Podcast Compilation

Our summer podcast selection

Our Organisation Montréal,

Several CDPQ representatives took part in a number of stimulating and friendly conversations at the start of the year to tell us about their personal and professional journeys. Take a look at our selection.

Charles Emond

The CEO Series with McGill’s Karl Moore
McGill MBA experience

Charles Emond discusses CDPQ’s strategic direction and market trends. He also talks about his love for architecture. 

Bertrand Millot

Understanding ESG ratings featuring Nikki Bartlett and Bertrand Millot
Environmental Resources Management

Bertrand Millot shares his thoughts for factoring ESG into investment decisions.

Mario Therrien

Conversation with Mario Therrien
Education Alpha podcast

Mario Therrien talks about the type of impact that an institutional investor like CDPQ can have when generating returns.

Charly Bastard

Climate Bonds Café: Low-Carbon Transition Investing
Climate Bond Initiative

Charly Bastard discusses CDPQ’s climate strategy and innovative approach to finance the climate transition with our $10‑billion envelope to decarbonize the highest-emitting sectors.

Podcasts available in french only

Geneviève Bouthillier

Quels sont les défis et opportunités pour les femmes au sein du capital d’investissement?
Parlons investissement

Geneviève Bouthillier takes a look at the role played by women in private equity investment.

You can also listen to Geneviève’s podcast to learn what Ambition ME has to offer.

Catherine Samson

Des programmes exclusifs qui font avancer le Québec inc

Catherine Samson talks about CDPQ programs and initiatives supporting the development and promotion of Québec’s entrepreneurial culture.

Jean-Vincent Lacroix

Prochaine Station
Radio-Canada OHdio

Jean-Vincent Lacroix sits down with a number of experts who helped to create the REM, giving a behind-the-scenes look at this major project.