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Afrodescendant Leadership Alliance Announces Partnership with CDPQ

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The Afrodescendant Leadership Alliance (ALA), the non-profit organization behind programs including the Black Wealth Club, is delighted to announce CDPQ as a founding partner. In addition to a material financial commitment, CDPQ will offer significant support and resources to the ALA, including its relevant expertise, networks and mentoring. This collaboration is a significant step toward achieving the ALA’s mission of maximizing potential and opportunities to amplify impact and create wealth in the Black community.

“The ALA is thrilled to have CDPQ join as a founding partner. Their support and expertise will strengthen our programs and accelerate our progress,” said Paul Desmarais, Chairman and CEO, Sagard, and Co-founder of the Black Wealth Club and the ALA. “Today’s news represents a critical milestone as we work toward building a more diverse and inclusive community and advancing economic empowerment in Black communities.”

“We are honoured to have CDPQ as a founding partner. Their commitment to—and leadership around—diversity and inclusion is commendable, and we are excited to begin working together to create more opportunities for economic empowerment and leadership development in the Black community,” said Alexander Sinora, Co-founder of the Black Wealth Club and the ALA.

“Promoting diversity and inclusion is not just about ticking a box; it’s about recognizing the value that a diverse team brings to our organization and society as a whole,” said Ani Castonguay, Executive Vice-President, Communications and Chief Brand Officer, CDPQ. “ALA’s mission strongly resonates with CDPQ—and our constructive capital approach—where diverse perspectives are essential for building sustainable businesses and a more equitable society.”

ALA is a registered non-profit that offers numerous programs catered toward leaders in the Canadian Black community, including the Black Wealth Club (BWC) and Black Youth Excellence (BYE). The BWC, a yearly fellowship program launched at the end of 2020, brings together cohorts of 50 emerging Black leaders in Canada to learn about creating wealth in numerous forms and reinvesting it in their communities. The BYE program, launched in 2022, is a university outreach program that nurtures the next generation of talent by providing coaching, workshops and support to help students maximize their university experience academically while complementing their profiles to secure internships that will jumpstart their careers. 

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