Repères numériques

Repères numériques

Transforming your business culture to leverage tech innovations

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Repères numériques is a training program for Québec SME management teams. It is designed to help SMEs foster a digital business culture to support their growth in an ever-changing environment.

Next cohort: September 12, 2023, to June 4, 2024

45 hours

of personalized training

50 SMEs

on a path to growth 

Live virtual sessions

accessible, flexible and free

Photo of Marie-Claude Desrochers, President and CEO, EIJ

“The program gave me a lot to think about, particularly how important people are in a successful transformation and the importance of having a strong leader to help the team navigate the change.”

Marie-Claude Desrochers, President and CEO, EIJ

7 good reasons to take part

  1. Benefit from the guidance of certified business coaches and experts to foster the development of new skills and behaviours

  2. Take structured time to reflect and take action

  3. Network and connect with other leaders of Québec SMEs

  4. Learn about concrete tools and findings from case studies

  5. Obtain a digital maturity audit of your organization

  6. Join the CDPQ network and get access to exclusive events

  7. Earn recognized, accredited training hours

5 key themes

What distinguishes the program is its approach based on co-development, coaching and action. It is divided into 5 cross-functional themes that touch on different aspects of a business.

  1. Digital leadership

  2. Data culture

  3. Operational processes and excellence

  4. Digital skills 

  5. Technology solutions

Sharing their experience

Photo de Martin Joyal, President, Yourbarfactory

“We had discussions with experts and held co-development workshops. So practical! I came away with lots of ideas and information I could share with my teams. This is how you build digital culture in a company. Repères numériques really delivers!”

Martin Joyal, President, Yourbarfactory

Photo de Vicky Scalia, Co-President and Co-CEO, L’intervalle

“The customer experience is the heart of our operations and our brand promise. Digital and technology transformation are an integral part of our strategic vision of creating value. That’s why we need to stay on top of tech trends and make sure we leverage the tools provided by every stakeholder in our ecosystem.”

Vicky Scalia, Co-President and Co-CEO, L’intervalle

​ Patrick Gharzani, CEO, SBB Structures

“You have to stay agile so you can shift gears when you need to. And it’s a group effort that requires buy-in from all employees to maximize your chances of success. Repères numériques gives us time to really reflect and engage our teams in the process.”

Patrick Gharzani, CEO, SBB Structures

Eligibility criteria

Repères numériques is a free program. To be eligible, SMEs must meet the following criteria:

  • Generate revenues of $5–35 million
  • Turn a profit and have a promising growth outlook in their sector
  • Seek to foster a digital business culture in their company
  • Be a private company with a majority Québec ownership

Registration for the 2023–2024 Repères Numérique program closed on May 31, 2023 at 11:59 pm. To be notified the next time applications are accepted, or if you have any questions about the program, please email us at [email protected]