Responsible investment

CDPQ wishes to be a responsible investor and exercise leadership in the financial sector and among its peers. Our responsible investment approach covers the entire spectrum of our activities, from investment analysis to risk management, and from our role as a shareholder to our requirement to disclose information.


We intend to make a constructive contribution to the transition toward a low carbon economy. In October 2017, we announced our investment strategy to address climate change.



Our commitment to responsible investment

Climate change

In October 2017, we announced our investment strategy to address climate change.

With a focus on results, this strategy sets out targets and means for making a constructive contribution, as an investor, to the global challenge of transitioning toward a low carbon economy.

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Sustainable development

We have had a sustainable development plan since 2009. Our 2016–2018 Action Plan includes taking 26 actions to generate positive and sustainable social and environmental impacts.

We are also among the first institutional investors to integrate the United Nation's six Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI).

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Governance and shareholder engagement

We actively fulfill our role as a shareholder and systematically exercise our voting rights at shareholder meetings.

Each year, we engage companies in discussions on topics of particular concern to us, including executive compensation, the composition of Boards of Directors and the share capital structure.

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International taxation

We regard tax issues as particularly important, and we are fully committed to the fight against tax evasion.

We support international efforts to counter tax evasion, and leverage our position as shareholder and investor to influence the practices of the companies in which we invest.

See our Statement on international taxation


We recognize the importance of transparently reporting and communicating our responsible investment activities.

Each year, we publish our annual report, which contains an account of our activities on this front and the progress of our Sustainable Development Action Plan. We also publish information on GHG emissions related to the assets in our portfolio (upcoming 2017 Annual Report).

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