Stewardship investing

Our stewardship investing approach covers all our portfolios and activities, and is central to our investment cycle and decision-making processes. This provides comprehensive insight into the impact of our stewardship investing priorities and allows us to take action at all levels, rather than in only a few sectors.


In March 2019, we published our second Stewardship Investing Report, which sets out our approach, our priorities, as well as our achievements and our progress related to stewardship investing.

See our 2018 Stewardship Investing Report

In 2017 we undertook to contribute in a constructive way to the fight against climate change with the implementation of an investment strategy to address this challenge.



Our main focal areas

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Climate change

Because the impacts of climate change are becoming more obvious than ever around the world, with negative human, environmental and economic consequences, we have decided to prioritize this issue. 

This is why we have adopted a climate change strategy that aims to contribute to a transition toward a low-carbon economy, while benefiting from a growing number of investment opportunities.

Learn more about our investment strategy to address climate change

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Sustainable development

In 2019, we published the fourth edition of our Sustainable Development Action Plan, comprising 27 actions over a two-year period.

We are also among the first institutional investors to integrate the United Nation's six Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI).

Learn more about our 2019-2020 Action Plan

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In addition to taking ESG criteria into account in our investment analyses and decisions, we encourage open dialogue with the companies in our portfolio and we exercise our voting rights at shareholder meetings.

Each year, we engage companies in discussions on topics of particular concern to us, including the election of Directors, executive compensation and diversity.

Learn more about our shareholder engagement

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International taxation

We consider tax issues to be particularly important and use our position as a long-term investor to increase our support for international initiatives.

In addition to joining a coalition of peers focused on tax matters, we leveraged our role as a shareholder to influence the practices of the companies in which we invest.

See our Statement on international taxation

2018 Stewardship Investing Report

Published in March 2019, this report sets out our approach, our priorities and our stewardship investing achievements in 2018.

Download the 2018 Stewardship Investing Report

Rapport annuel


We recognize the importance of transparently reporting and communicating our responsible investment activities.

To complement our annual report, we publish a Stewardship Investing Report. This report provides an overview of our stewardship investing activities, including a progress report on our investment strategy to address climate change, which details our actions on that front and the efforts to reduce the carbon intensity of our portfolio.

See our 2018 Stewardship Investing Report

See our Policy on Responsible Investment