A fund for diversity and inclusion

Equity 25³

Are you the head of an SME or growing tech company? Are you seeking additional leverage to drive performance? Are you ready to commit to increasing diversity in your company? Submit a request for Equity 253 financing.

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Equity 253 is an investment fund of $250 million to be deployed over four years with the goal of increasing diversity and inclusion in companies in Québec and Canada. It is the largest Canadian fund ever created to target companies that leverage diversity as a vector of development and expansion.

Our offer

  • A $5-million to $30-million investment in your company.
  • Operational guidance to help implement and execute a customized diversity and inclusion plan.
  • Value-added support through access to diversified expertise, our international network and our ability to secure relationships.

Your commitment

  • People of diverse backgrounds (e.g. women, visible minorities, Indigenous peoples) must represent at least:
    • 25% of your Board of Directors
    • 25% of your management team
    • 25% of your shareholding
  • Achieve this objective within five years following the confirmation of your financing.

Eligibility criteria

To submit a request for financing, you must:

  • Be based in Québec or elsewhere in Canada
  • Take concrete action on diversity and inclusion
  • Demonstrate strong growth

Specific Criteria

  • Solid economic foundation: quality management team, strong financial performance and healthy balance sheet 
  • History of profitability
  • Potential to enhance your operational efficiency
Tech Company
  • Solid economic foundation: quality management team, considerable market size and sustained annual growth
  • Competitive technology offering 
  • Predictive and proven business model: significant growth in sales and high level of recurring revenue


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Why a fund for diversity and inclusion?

Studies have made it clear. Greater diversity in our companies fosters better decision-making and has a positive impact on:

  • Innovation
  • Risk management
  • Productivity
  • Financial performance 

That’s why we want to encourage SMEs to set measurable objectives on becoming more diverse, and benefit from this additional lever to drive performance.

Sustainable investing at CDPQ includes diversity as one of three strategic priorities. For several years now, we have actively promoted gender diversity through various initiatives.